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It has been bought to our attention that the comic is currently un-viewable on Iphones. We apologize for any inconvenience and will be launching an Iphone friendly version in the coming weeks.


ZED MERCURY: Psychopomp ISSUE ZERRO begins!

The Author
"Greetings humans! 

Today is the big day you fiends! Above you can find the link to the first two pages of the first issue of ZED MERCURY: PSYCHOPOMP!

Each week two new pages will be uploaded so make sure you keep checking back for ya weekly fix!

Don't forget to subscribe to the site for updates and news. You can even buy your very own T-shirt with my name on it now that I'm a bonafide comic book hero.

If you enjoy what you read here please be sure to let the boys know what you think and they'll be back in a week with the next two pages!

Till next time, keep breathing ya weirdos!"



ZED MERCURY: Psychopomp is ©2012 Weird Love Studios, and is recommended for freaks.

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